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Eleganza Tile Matrix 4 Blends

Eleganza Tile Matrix 4 Blends

Do you remember the movie The Matrix in the 90s? It was a movie which explosively changed the perception of human consciousness as the millennium was set to dawn about the human species.

Oh boy, how many times have you heard the red or blue pill joke throughout the years and who can forget the awesome leather pant wearing actress Carrie Ann Moss or the unsmiling brooding exterior of actor Keanu Reeves or even the cool, calm nature of the character played by the awesome actor Lawrence Fishburne. We have to add in the last line here because there is no other way without mentioning the brilliance of the Australian drama queen, actor Huge Weaving who played the lovable villain, Agent Smith.

One of the visuals which you may remember until today of the Matrix movies is the running of the Ascii codes in a raining pattern on the computer screens where the characters look for patterns of real human and programs who rule the Matrix realms. This is what you will remember when you take a look at Eleganza Matrix glass tile design styles.

Eleganza Matrix stone and glass mix is a recent addition and comes in 4mm thick mosaic that will inspire even the most uninspirable to create luxurious spaces in either residential or commercial properties. Bathroom walls, kitchen countertop, backsplashes, tub areas and eve make up and area just to use these glass and stone mosaics to create expressions of art.

The Matrix series comes in brownish greyish blends under Ecru, Sepai, Suede and Testa while Carbone and Argento is a mix of bluish browns and last but not least are the beautiful rugged sky colours of Fumo and Denim. Have a fun time reliving those pre-millennial era of illusionary worlds with binary code existence by playing with the Eleganza Matrix tile designs to decorate your real living areas.