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Eleganza Tile Metallic Glass

Eleganza Tiles Metallic Looks 2x2 Mosaic

The Metallic looks 2x2 Mosaic glass tile collection by Eleganza boasts a beautiful shimmer that only glass can offer, and is further embellished by various metallic finishes that are fit for a king – or queen. Even if you are just the king or queen of your own castle, with this glass tile line you can add that rich movement and opulent variation of color to your interior space. Are you ready to turn your pit into a palace? The Metallic glass tiles can be used on residential or commercial interiors but be sure they stay in a dry place and are kept away from areas where the champagne is overflowing. Just like a fancy up-do, this collection doesn't flourish when wet.

Wouldn't you like to rise every morning to a space dripping with precious metals? Now we can all be King Midas without the annoying everything-you-touch-turns-to-gold affliction. With the Metallic glass collection you can have your wish come true while keeping your friends and family from becoming shiny statues. Available in 12 x 12 inch slices of self-indulgence, these glorious glass tiles were crafted into brilliant Bronze, sensuous Silver, and affluent Arctic. Cheaper than lining your living room with gold leaf or sterling silver, and infinitely more possible than having three wishes granted like they do in fairytales and fables, simply install these shimmery sheets in some simple spaces to leave a twinkle in your eye. These lustrous glass pieces are anything but dull and were created for people just like you, who are anything but dull and require a little luxury in their lives. Make King Midas and your neighbors jealous with this precious collection by Eleganza.