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Eleganza Tile Metallica Lite Semi-Polished

Eleganza Tile Metallica Lite Semi-Polished

Perhaps like the rock ballads of Metallica, the Eleganza Metallica Lite Semi-Polished is the lighter and more enhanced version of its sibling Metallica. Rock and roll has many different styles so why shouldn’t tile collections be any different.

Greys and semi greys had never looked this good on anything since snow and ice became a fashion statement a few hundred years ago. Since Eleganza Metallica Lite’s predecessor did so well with its unique colours and design, it is only fair that another version of it created for more polished look.

Very elegant and classy designed restaurants, cafes, boutique and other high traffic commercial areas would be more than just beautiful with an installation like the Eleganza Metallic Lite. Two very different and very exclusive shades are available under this collection.

Soft, pearl like sheen in a versatile looking finish is what you can see in the Eleganza Metallic Lite Ice. You can almost feel the cool texture and tone of cubes glistening in a clear glass of water when you look at these porcelain tiles. Commercial living spaces where you would like to have minimal colors and decorational items will be great with this. Contrarily, if you are going for a mix match color blends will also be more than stunning with its shade and texture. Don’t be afraid to play around with this particular style.

Concrete grey with soft, smooth finish is what you get the Eleganza Metallica Lite Semi-Polished Steel. So incredibly easy to be inserted as a backdrop for any style ideas that if you don’t want to spend too long of a time choosing something simple, this is the way to go.

The sophistication and beauty that comes with the Eleganza Metallica Lite can only be accentuated with simple design ideas that will please clients and visitors from all walks of life, even the four legged once.