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Eleganza Tile Metallica Semi-Polished

Eleganza Tile Metallica Semi-Polished

If you think that the Eleganza Tile’s Metallica Semi-Polished was named after than famous metal band that you could be right with this collection’s oxidized look. Love that ultra rested look instead of a rustic look? Thinking about old factories and barns where the roofs had worn out in years of sun and rain? Something about total vintage appeases your senses?

The Eleganza Metallica will cater for all these unconventional tastes in decoration ideas. Wonderful colors of reds, browns and greys in rust is etched in two different sizes in semi polished finishes. The patterns are patchy and scratched in a wide variety of looks and will soothe even the most raw of tastes. Think about listening to Chris Isaak songs and hanging out with a beautiful woman or man in an old barn.

Over here we offer two different mixed shades in different sizes. The Eleganza Metallica Semi-Polished Black is as vintage looking as you can get. Going for that old industry look in your café or shop? Choose this to go with rusted steel countertops and high stools. If you have a theme bar which is more urban and dark in its premises, these porcelain tiles will accompany that look well. Metal sculptures that looks like its been taken from old, rusted engines or cars will go great with this style too. Metallica Black has shades of grey and splotchy white splashes which will be able to reflect light so go for soft lights.

The Eleganza Metallica Brown has more shades of browns and red. You may actually feel the metal breathing oxygen rusting away in this look literally though do remember this is complete porcelain. Use your creativity to the maximum by creating unique design ideas where these porcelain tiles can help in making a space special.

Dark coloured divans and settees can be paired with both of the Eleganza Metallica looks. Just for an offset contrast, how about giving your windows some long cut white cotton fabric drapery? Imagine also having photos and posters with thick wooden frames too on the walls. Velvet and satiny materials will be a choice accompaniment with the Eleganza Metallica tile installation.