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Eleganza Tile Metro

Eleganza Tile Contemporary Metro

Eleganza Contemporary Metro is so stylish and well coiffed, just by installing this in your home, office or commercial space, you will be, by default, a Metro-Sexual! These double loaded porcelain tiles have a texture somewhere between fine woolen fabric and granular granite - it simply must be seen to be believed!

The Metro collection offers six colors in either a high-gloss polished, or a no-nonsense matte finish. The fine snowy whites and ivories in Bianco add luminosity to any room, and accentuate large spaces with natural light. The Sandy beige of Sabia offers a sensual warmth that you’ll want to touch. The brown and green tones in Olive evoke a Mediterranean terroir and as a neutral, pairs well with almost everything! The coffee and cocoa tones of the aptly named Mocha brings a depth to cozy floor plans, while Grifio’s smart play of grays against flecks of onyx and ivory always looks tailored. Last, but not least, the jet black flecking in Nero make this tile as classic a look as a Tuxedo - it’s always dressed up and ready to go!

12” x 24” tiles create elongated rectangular lines suitable for wall and floor installation. Eleganza Contemporary Metro tiles are virtually indestructible as they have an absorption rating of 0.5 percent and resist frost, moisture, chemicals and stains! Perfect for indoor and outdoor application, Metro tiles are the perfect material to work with for a finished look that will never get old!