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Eleganza Tile Metropolis

Eleganza Tile Contemporary Metropolis

Metropolis! A scary place of automatons and chrome goddess-monsters as portrayed in Fitz Lang’s 1927 classic film, “Metropolis”! This brave new world has, in some ways, come to pass. And yet, it isn’t all so nihilistic and bad. Take, for example, Eleganza’s Contemporary tile line by the same name: Metropolis. No pistons of fascist fury here! Just beautiful, smooth, glazed porcelain flooring with - get this - wood inspired striations!!! Holy tree huggers, Batman! What has the future come to?!

Fear not! Metropolis tiles are svelte and make for exceptionally clean, yet soft surfaces with which to decorate your bathroom walls and floors! Although made of natural materials, there’s no need to worry about stepping out of the tub dripping wet and onto pure granola flooring, which would then quickly turn to mush. Because the absorption rating of Metropolis is a low 0.5 percent, it is resilient. In fact, it’s as fabulous outdoors as it is inside, being resistant to water, frost, chemicals and stains. Metrropolis is perfectly suited for commercial use as well, making the perfect look for a nouveau restaurant’s walls and any trendy boutique’s flooring.

Metropolis comes in five colors: Blanc, Avorio, Mocha, Marfil, and Olive. Choose from the big city size of 12” x 24” rectangular tiles, the metropolitan look of 2” x 2” mosaic squares on a 12” x 12” mesh for easy installation, and tidy 3.25” x 12” bullnose tiles to trim countertops.