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Eleganza Tile Midtown Glass

Eleganza Tile Midtown Glass & Stone Random Size Strip Mosaic

The Eleganza Tiles Midtown glass & stone random size strip mosaic collection is yet another beautiful glass and stone mix that is a perfect addition to any residential or commercial interior that needs to stand out amongst the billions of other spaces that are, well, less than unique.

Let’s be honest: we are all a bit special. And we all want to feel comfortable expressing ourselves; even when we are surrounded by billions of other people who believe they are more unique than everyone else. Cities are hubs for these unique people from all around the world. Midtown is where they all come together in a busy and diverse conglomerate of culture, dreams and desires, and personal style preferences. Midtown in the city is a bustling place full of very different people, and this idea of variegation and diversity is mirrored in the Midtown collection.

The beauty of this tile collection, just like many Midtown spaces, is its balance between flow and function. The glass tiles invariably work well in almost any space and with almost any design aesthetic, even if your space is a miniscule studio space that was marketed as “cozy” yet barely has room for your collection of tea cozies. Lest ye forget, these versa-tiles are not just for show. They must be fanciful yet fanciful. The Midtown tiles are durable -- meant to be lived on and around – just like every inch of the city’s Midtown. Tiles, much like the spaces they adorn, but be useful and not simply a pretty façade. Available in convenient 12 x 12 inch squares, color schemes ranging from Oscuro and Tempest to Claro and Maduro are certain to let you and your space be not just exceptional, but extraordinary in this great big, crazy world.