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Eleganza Tile Modern

Eleganza Tile Modern

If you think concrete is ugly than you got another thing coming with Eleganza Tile’s Modern porcelain tile collection. You have to remember that the concrete mixture is one of the earliest most basic and cheap construction material used for building purposes. However, the concrete look as nostalgic as it has been reinvented in a different way with the Eleganza Modern collection.

The plain look of concrete has been given color, texture and a good dressing to be installed even in the classiest homes. Not to mention the fabric texture which is also obvious here in these roto print porcelain tile design. Six colors from cool greys to hot browns are available for your home or commercial property installation.

Eleganza Modern Chocolate is the darkest shade in the collection and brings the memory on pure chocolaty goodness for any room. Modern or classic mahogany furniture can go well with these tiles. To acquire that cool grey tones of yesteryear nostalgic, Eleganza Cemento will be a great choice. This will go greatly well with urban designs with minimal clutter in furniture.

Two delicious shades which can be used back to back are the Eleganza Tortora and Eleganza Viscone. These shades have subtle differences and can be complemented those kickass furniture you got from your mom’s place.

If your knight in shining armor on a white horse is not coming then you should get the Eleganza Modern Avorio. Avorio’s white will make you forget the knight and do your living room. Eleganza Modern Perle however could be the partner in crime to your Avorio in ways that art has never been done that before. Totally go Picasso with these two tiles on your walls and floors so you can set the mood for some hot and spicy nights. We are talking about Mexican dinner nights with the family of course.