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Eleganza Tile Mood Mosaic

Eleganza Glass Tile Mood Mosaic has Personality & Cheer

Mood by Eleganza Glass Tile is one that will definitely cheer up your mood when it comes to choosing the perfect look for your home. So, you have finally bought your dream home and now you are focusing on how you want to make it suitable to your own needs and fancy. A home, after all have to reflect your personality and planning to decorate it with the best budget possible is indeed, a moody situation for some.  


If you have decided to go contemporary, Eleganza Glass Tile’s Mood is one of the easiest decorative item to pick on your list. Mood is composed of corrugated glass and natural stone in a geometric pattern of complimentary colors. Its rhythm and range of textures makes it adaptable to use in any environment, be in commercial or residence.  


Eleganza Glass Tile’s Mood comes in three colors, Calm, Cold, and Cool and is available in 12x12 sheets. If you want to have one of the best kitchen designs ever, one that is enviable by everyone who manages to catch a glimpse of it, using Mood as a backsplash in between countertops and contrasting cabinets would be a great way to start.


Use the Mood’s Cool as the offset for a beige countertop and black cabinets and drawers. If they have trimmings in gleaming metal, it will be even more beautiful to look at. How about if your living room had a showcase area where photos, sculptures and vases sat on them while these shelves were attached to a wall? You can think about installing the Calm in between these attached shelves where they might be made of porcelain or laid with matching tiles themselves. Naturally, the in-between areas within your home will benefit greatly from these unique set of tiles that will be suitable for many areas.