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Eleganza Tile Naturewood

Eleganza Tile Naturewood

Nothing has been inspiring man like nature from the beginning of time and why not porcelain tile too like the Nature Wood series from Eleganza Tiles? Elements like plants, minerals and natural landscapes are all fodder for poetry, love, art, food and architecture. Animals use all the elements found in nature to build their home and this was copied by humans.

Trees are naturally used by animals as their living areas especially many species of mammals and it is the first thing used by ancient man as a building material when he decided to make his own shelter instead of hiding in the caves. With great inspirations like this, no wonder companies like Eleganza Tiles love to use the allegory of trees to create unique items like the Nature Wood porcelain collection.

The birth of this stunning porcelain series were influence by scenes of serene meadows and pristine forests from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. The striking natural beauty seen in these parts had inspired Eleganza Tiles to create the Nature series, a wood porcelain series that refines the look of natural wood into a contemporary design. The design highlights the features found in the precious ecosystems of North America easily.

Made in Italy, this tile is available in an 8x48 format with rectified edges for precision installations. With four colors and nearly 200 square feet of unique wood graphics, the Nature series provide the perfect transitions between tile planks, delivering the look of refined wood suitable for any modern design concept.

To bring these modern concepts to life, choose from Grigio, Wood, Rovere and Miele. The multi-coloration in Miele is a versatile piece you can use to mix in a variety of colors and textures in any given room while the slightly ashen Grigio can provide some cooling in hot areas like the kitchen or bedroom. Wood and Rovere can be a simple addition to uncomplicated children’s area where toys and storage areas may cover walking space.