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Eleganza Tile New Crystal

Eleganza Tile New Crystal

Have you met those strange people who love everything to be white or pale in color that they would choose something like the New Crystal porcelain tiles from Eleganza? In terms of color, there are two kinds of people. One is the bright, gay and funny people who would always choose the brightest colors in the spectrum and the ones who would go for the black and white.

The ones who love to have something clean, crisp and sharp in their homes would choose the New Crystal series from Eleganza to fill up their living areas. The New Crystal series is available in 12x24 and 24x24 sizes and in two different colors that are light on your eyes and your budget. Now that we have your attention with the word “budget”, you can bring the time-honored look of polished marble into any room with all the durability and low maintenance benefits of porcelain with the Eleganza’s New Crystal.

Great bathrooms which always looks smashingly clean and pristine can be achieved if you have installed New Crystal’s Beige or Pearl. Bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces in homes and if you do go for darker colors, you may end feeling claustrophobic in the most inopportune times like not having a good stomach day.

Also, if you are planning to spend more time in your white, porcelain tub with candles, books and a bottle of wine, you would want to do it in a crispy looking bathroom instead of a dark one with dark tiling. Shower areas are the same as well. The stalls can be small and look like something which was brushed off during the construction as a insignificant area. You don’t want to be stuck in a dark shower stall for the rest of your life if you decide to go one of the offerings available under the New Crystal line.