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Eleganza Tile New York

Eleganza Tiles New York Glass Stripe Mosaic

The New York mix glass stripe mosaic on 12x12 series is a one-of-a-kind glass line by Eleganza Tiles made for homes that run the gamut in terms of d├ęcor and style, from the shores of Staten Island to the brownstones of Brooklyn. This collection is created with a high quality painted back glass mosaic, cut into various sizes on a mesh backing.

The New York collection reflects the diversity and variety of life that New York is uniquely renowned for across the globe. There is no other place like New York in the world and there is no other tile collection like the New York collection by Eleganza Tiles.

The New York series showcases the kind of tiles that is varied enough to suit the design desires of an entire New York apartment building full of one-of-a-kind designers just like you. Whether you fall into the category of hoarders, art collectors, hipsters, or suits the New York range has a style to suit.

Does your space double as an art studio? Do you host a book club on Tuesday evenings? Is your space more of an opium den than a party palace? Do you even have enough room to host guests? No matter which category you fall into or refuse to fall under the New York tiles will highlight the parts of your space that define you in your best light.

Whether you find yourself drawn to the vibrant din of Queens, spend your days and nights mixing beats in an industrial loft in Brooklyn, or host a Russian cooking class in the heart of Staten Island, the New York series is as diverse as the boroughs that make New York one of the most magnetic and mesmeric places on the planet. And similarly, the New York tiles are some of the most magnetic and mesmeric that Eleganza TIles has to offer.