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Eleganza Tile Newport Glass

Eleganza Tile Newport Glass

We suspect the creators of Eleganza Newport glass tile designs are most probably the kids who grew up playing 80s videos games such as Tetris, Pacman, Araknoid and Centipede amongst others. When you look Newports digital bar like appearances it is not hard to imagine when people were still listening to big haired musicians, androgynous fashion was common, science fiction movies were abundant in the cinemas where main female characters fell madly in love with monsters and aliens and some people mistakenly thought the video gaming business was dying, which it did not as you can see now.

Think about reliving those innocent, colourful days of yesteryears by giving your kitchen countertop a digital like appearance by inlaying Eleganza Oscura which gives a sensible but fun feeling or a backsplash idea with the aptly named Tempest glass tiles where your contemporary Ikea design kitchen shelves paired with cool metal bars and railings will blend perfectly together.

Think about having easy dark brown wooden cabinets mounted on the wall paired with the soft hues of Newport’s Claro. Did you love those big columns ala old world European architecture you may have seen during your cheap European road trip during college days or just simply in coffee table history books at the local dentist? Well you can pair something like the Newport Maduro and Oscura to wrap those columns you may be thinking of putting on your porch and we won’t be responsible for any disagreements that may come with your old world tastes with the family.

Don’t forget that these possible gaming inspired tiles will make a great companion to contemporary shower and bathroom areas and blends with more designs will give a transitional appearance to create an industrial look for the bold hearted.