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Eleganza Tile Ocean Glass

Eleganza Tiles Ocean Glass Stone Mix, Multi-Color, Wave Style

The Ocean Stone mix, multi-color, wave style collection by Eleganza Tiles plays to our innate desire to be by the seaside. If you, too, believe that life is more fun when you can hear the waves crashing on the sand and you can smell the salt water, consider bringing Eleganza’s natural glass mosaic basketweave tile into your beach-less life. This multi-faceted and lively collection was made with multi-faceted and lively people just like you. The pattern and depth of this epic tile collection works beautifully with the smooth, clean surfaces of many of today’s interior designs, and it will surely keep your life interesting – even if it has been years since you’ve taken a proper holiday.

What type of person are you? Where would you take your dream vacation? The Ocean collection brings a bit of that beach to your bungalow, whether you’d like to curl up in Cabo, take time off in Tahiti, snorkel in Samoa, or bum around in Bora or the Bahamas. This seafaring collection takes its names from all of the most covetable coves around the globe. By bringing a bit of the beautiful beach to your abode or workspace every day may begin to feel like a holiday. The shimmering surface of each enticing shade is reminiscent of the warm sun shimmering off the clear blue water. The basketweave pattern boasts both a visual and tactile texture that creates the illusion of undulating waves lapping at warm sands depending upon how the day’s light bounces off of it. Each of the five color schemes is available in 12 x 13 inch blocks of beauty.