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Eleganza Tile Onix Cosmic Blends

Eleganza Tile Onix Cosmic Blends

Eleganza Onix collection is designed with jewels and gemstones in mind for different wet and dry surfaces. Under this, the Onix Cosmic is such an inspired glass tiles with a plethora of colours though it is best suited for dry applications around the kitchen area, countertops and for decorative surfaces.

When you think of cosmic you would surely think about the space, the sun, the moon, the galaxies, cosmic events like supernovas and Space Odyssey 2001 the movie. If you or your partners are lovers of the science fiction nature or astronomy, then the name Onix Cosmic itself will be the first thing that will draw you to look at these vibrant pieces of mosaic. Just look at the cooky colors of Elba design, it will fit perfectly in a kitchen where you would want to cook recipes which may be alien to some people.

We imagine the Livorno color and pattern will stand out if at all you chose the same old, vintage but drab cabinets in memory of your mother and grandmother. Give more illusion of texture in a dry water closet for the downstairs area, just complimenting the walls halfway pairing it with a boring, white porcelain throne.

If at all you have a huge bath area where you have decided to put in a tub, thinking about having steps, edges and rims with Onix Lucca and Arezzo glass tiles. Capture the cosmic magic of olden time Greek bathhouses with these unique design and don’t spent too much time looking out the window into the cosmic realms no matter how interesting it might look out there.