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Eleganza Tile Onix Essence Cararra Blends

Eleganza Tile Onix Essence Cararra Blends

The Eleganza Onix Essence glass tiles offer a silver lining in the cloud where blended colors of different hues come under the Onix collection. You are contemplating decorative glass tiles to be laid in your premises but you are afraid to go for the daredevil like audaciousness by using garish colors.

Well stress no more as the Eleganza Onix Essence is only available in three, breath-taking neutral colors which will still look unique and decorative though dimmed down and muted. The Onix Grey is a timid choice to that can be decorated with less stress around your barbeque area blending in with darker colored hardwood decks and plans in your backyard. This can even be accentuated with same colored cotta tiles in between your garden, where your barbeque pit is overlooking.

We would love to see the Onix Macauba in washroom and shower areas just because of the beautifully blended colors it presents with light and dark greys and the striking blue offsets. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours scrubbing and singing in a shower like that?

The kitchen can take less stress from colors if you chose the Onix Silver as your backsplash or even as your countertop. The modern and the old fashion can mixed together with the versatility of this series and the muted response you will never get from visitors is what you really want. Many a times people choose to have their kitchens decorated with unadventurous motifs and colors simply because this is the area where they spend the most time in, especially if there are small breakfast furniture available there.

The Eleganza Onix Essence series is a definite introverted choice for those who are faint hearted and need a place to peacefully contemplate their lives.