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Eleganza Tile Onix Mystic Blends

Eleganza Tile Onix Mystic Blends

The magic of mysticism is something that goes back to the beginning of time itself. The term “mysticism” has Western origins with various historically determined meanings. In Greek, it simply means “to conceal” derived from the spiritual and contemplative dimensions in early and medieval Christianity but we are not here to have a debate on that fortunately. We are here to debate how wonderfully the Eleganza Onix Mystic may fit into your residential area or the restaurant you are planning to set up with some exotic name.

The Onix Mystic is offered in five colour blends which we believe will knock your socks off. These are the Islande, the Arola, the Sinai, the Savina and the Agata Diamond Brown. Though many people are not very sure about having decorative tiles in their homes because of the busy appearances, glass tiles for decorative purposes would look stunning in a commercial property catered to a service business such as the food and beverage industry.

Imagine customers walking into a restaurant where the first thing they will come across breath-taking art pieces are custom made where you can save money from not buying actual art pieces. The Onix Islande and Savina can adorn walls paired next to impressively custom made furniture pieces. A bar area adorned with exotic looking hardwood floors where clients can sit in bold colored bar stools and high tables will look so chic where the Onix Sinai has adorned the walls as a backdrop.

It doesn’t matter if this idea doesn’t fit into your plans as you are not buying these glass tiles for a business but you can bring this business idea back home for a bar area in your house. A single woman or man who like to entertained guests privately can benefit much with these kinds of backdrops in their romantic spaces where more than dancing and chatting could take place with the right amount of drinks.