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Eleganza Tile Reactions

Eleganza Tile Reactions

Have a major reaction with the Eleganza Tile Reactions collection. Nothing is cooler than a bunch of rockin' metallic porcelain tiles to choose from. In semi-polished or matte finish, they accurately portray the sought-after patina found in oxidized metals. Eleganza, Inc. wants to be in the forefront of the porcelain tile revolution and inspire homeowners, designers, architects, and builders to bring dreams to reality. This is an amazing start with their offer of the most up-to-date and revolutionary, superior quality metal-inspired products. And we bet you're just dying to take your space up a notch with these babies!

What used to be a machinist's view at the job is now wanted for an urban loft-inspired home. The industrial look is a huge rage right now, yet appreciated and timeless enough to last many years. People are loving the simple, modernized look and gritty, salvaged object decor. The designer of the industrial space is not a fan of big-box stores and wants to strip away all the upholstery and go for the bare bones and metal.

Drowning in bold textures and high definition details using incredible inkjet technology during production, the Eleganza Tile Reactions collection offers two unique colors and several sizes (12x24, 24x24 and 24x48). Use these durable glazed porcelain tiles indoors, ideal for wall and floor applications for all light commercial or residential spaces. Please note: wall applications only for commercial spaces.

Create and reshape your environment into a unique, inspirational and unforgettable space -- a fantasy future world or an old industrial revolution inspired one with the Eleganza Tile Reactions collection. Oh... and rock on.