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Eleganza Tile Slimtech 5.5

Eleganza Tiles Slimtech 5.5

Eleganza Tiles’ Slimtech 5.5 is what you need to revamp a home that has seen many great years in it without tearing a hole in your pocket. Are you tired of your old home? Or perhaps, you are tired of your old office or the place you have been doing business for the last ten years. Even your business or your relationship is not so well, so, a home revamping project is something you can either distract yourself with or bring your relationships closer. In the case of your business, a good reason for a pick-up in business.


The Eleganza Tile’s Slimtech 5.5 will be an excellent choice for either a short refurbishment project or a long one. A short one can just be in a select living area like a master bedroom or a kitchen while a long one could mean stripping your whole house and installing a complete new background. If you had bought your current home with old, tired looking hardwood flooring, then the best choice to go for a modern and clean look is with a porcelain tile collection.


You will find some beautiful, select pieces with the Eleganza Tile;s Slimtech 5.5 collection. Take a look at the choices which are available under this marvellous collection. They are Slimtech Calacata, Slimtech Pietra Grey, Slimtech Safari and Slimtech Travertino. These pieces are available also in polished 20x60 and 118x40 sizes.


Something nice and steamy can be created by using the Slimtech Safari or Slimtech Calacata marble like appearance in the master bedroom if steamy is what you’re missing. Buy a whole new bedroom furniture set and complementary furniture. Bed coverings, window treatments and cushions can take on a fine, English flowery design. Velvet feels and chiffons are romantic while chandeliers and soft lighting can set the mood, even when moods can be explosives. Change your destructive explosive moods to igniting explosive moods.