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Eleganza Tile Slimtech Wood-Stock 5.5

Eleganza Tiles Slimtech Woodstock 5.5 Old Fashioned and Inspired

Like what the namesake brings to mind, the Eleganza Tile’s Slimtech Woodstock 5.5 looks as if though it is a refugee from that free era. Old fashioned colors and traditional patterns make-up these elegant wood inspired porcelain line. You may be thinking of looking at living room cabinets and coffee tables that might have existed in the same room as black and white televisions, where Walter Cronkite may have been reporting the news about men walking on the moon.


You might be inspired by coffee and cream when you look at what Eleganza Tile’s have to offer under the Slimtech Woodstock 5.5 designs. So, you are cracking your head thinking, black or au lait? We may prefer our coffee, our cake and our rooms with lots of cream in them, but there are some richer with darker tones that work well too.


Whilst brown tones are a key part of the neutral colour palette, but remember brown and creams can bring warmth, elegance and used to create statement rooms in your home. Do remember also that brown most definitely does not have to be boring when you plan your design idea carefully so that it doesn’t have to look like you went back to the Woodstock era after all.


Follow the trend for combining units in different colours and materials to create a truly unique kitchen design by utilizing the delicious colors available under the Elganza Tile’s Slimtech Woodstock 5.5 line. These are the chocolate colored Coffee, the caramel coloured Nut and the light creamy color of Snow.


These colors and the contemporary design ideas magnificently mirror the very best in modern design, where clean, cool white gloss surfaces can both contrast and compliment the wood grained doors patterns for an effect that is harmoniously heavenly. A sense of modern sophistication will be created for your everyday please with this awesome line.