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Eleganza Tile Slimtech

Eleganza Tile Slimtech

Slimming down is the hardest thing anyone can do in this life but fortunately, this is not hard to do with porcelain tiles such as the Eleganza Tile’s Slimtech design. Eleganza Slimtech is the solution that offers sheets of stoneware in record sizes (300cm x 100cm) due to extraordinary lightness resulting from a thickness of only 3mm.

This kind of lightness came about as a result of a laminating and porcelain compacting technology that revolutionizes the traditional productive process. What came from this technology is a completely new, resistive, light, flexible, pliable and versatile product which you can manipulate to be used in different kinds of environments.

You are in total luck because under the Eleganza Slimtech collection, there are ten different shades available and you will never have to look at another collection again. Starting from the very light brownish beiges shades are the Eleganza Slimtech Avorio and Slimtech Sabia. For complete versatility choose these shades. For a tinge of the velvety darker mud colored tiles, you may use the Eleganza Slimtech Caramel or Slimtech Brown. Both of these will look great in a hilltop cabin house as much as in an urban city apartment.

Smokey ashen look will never look this good with Eleganza Slimtech Sabiata, the shade with a little more paleness or the Simtech Naturale, emulating dark, stormy skies. We would love that some of the rooms you are going to decorate with these porcelain tiles have contrasts of reds or dark purples in them too. Ultra modern and scifi like.

Holding on to that thought of contrasts in reds and purples, try decoration with those romantic colors with Eleganza Slimtech Stucatta or the Slimtech Lappata. These tiles will fully satisfy the most up-to-date needs for modern planning for both internal and for expansive external areas of modern buildings. It is easy to install and fix, better than any other material, renewal problems offering aesthetic results combined with a total contained cost.