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Eleganza Tile Timber

Eleganza Timber & Hardwood Go Head to Head

The Timber collection by Eleganza Tile was made with the look of excellent hardwood flooring in mind. This durable porcelain tiles will never lose against the real look of hardwood flooring and look even better than the real thing. The gorgeous aesthetics of traditional flooring in elegantly and cleverly captures with the latest technology and will impress even the most critical of tastes.


Use the Timber collection by Eleganza Tiles in your master bedroom, children’s rooms, nurseries and guest room areas. Modern bedroom furnishings which are easily available with big brand retailers will be perfect to match the aesthetics you will find in this collection. Choose from the dark tinted Midnight, the delicious chocolate look of Jade, the cappuccino colored Natural or the frosty looking Frost.


Use the lighter of these such as the Natural and Frost in your children’s and baby’s room. Solid wood bed frames in their natural colors decorated with soft sheets and tiny animal prints or curtains with little pink flowers in them will look in place with these choices. Even a nursery that has a mix of colors through paintings on the wall or hanging mobiles will look elegant enough matched with the Natural or the Frost.


Alternatively, the master bedroom could use a bit of muted charm with Midnight or Jade, also paired with solid wood furniture and light absorbing curtains. If you care for young children and babies at home, there will definitely be a need for a good sleep so the whole set-up of your bedroom should be optimum, down to the perfect looking flooring.


Another big bonus is of course, the time spent on maintenance with regards to cleaning and polishing. There will always be an accidental stain somewhere with the presence of children and you don’t want to have bulky, expensive real hardwood flooring you want to worry about all the time thus, porcelain tiles are the way to go.