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Eleganza Tile Trend

Eleganza Tile Trend Glass Mosaic

Organic, organic, organic. There's something amazing about glass tiles and the Eleganza Tile Trend collection's got a rich combination of natural stones, honed glass and polished glass pieces that makes you feel nature all around you. I could start talking ad infinitum about nature's bounty, geometric rhythm, the world is yours, exquisite accents, patterns, harmonious color choices, yada yada yada! But I just know you already want these, so that's all that matters here.

Go green! Choose from the color choices Earth, Forest and Ocean in diamond and arabesque shapes and 11.5 x 11.5 and 12 x 12.3 water jet mosaic sheets with mesh back. They're suitable for indoor commercial and residential wall applications, so go crazy and put the Eleganza Tile Trend mosaics everywhere -- because they're that gorgeous and versatile.

Take Eleganza Tile Trend up an accent or feature wall, use as a back splash, or update the wall behind your workspace. Go retro or go organic, go modern or stick to traditional. Take your kitchen or bathroom on a creative trip and never come back. They're clean, bold, modern and exciting so you can create and reshape your environment into a unique, inspirational and unforgettable space -- a fantasy future world, a mid-century modern Danish aesthetic, an old industrial revolution inspired one, or a spa-like experience every day at home or business.

The world is at your fingertips now, just go for it. The hardest thing about this is choosing between the diamond or arabesque shapes. After this it's literally smooth-sailing on beautiful seas for years to come with a versatile tile choice that you can work into several design themes in a snap.