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Eleganza Tile Varese

Eleganza Tile Varese

Why in the name of love would anyone one chose the look of old concrete like the one under Eleganza Tile’s Varese is beyond us but apparently it is a big trend. Are you one of those people who love the illusion of old concrete impressions on classical buildings where even the lichen looks charming? You won’t be spoiled for choice with the alluring uncomeliness of this aged concrete style.

The Eleganza Varese offers homage in glazed porcelain to the town of Varese in Italia. This particular town is famous because of the Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy, a sacred place for pilgrimages. The town features a series of chapels and architectural marvels from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

With the right kind of light and furniture usage the Eleganza Varese would be quite beautiful in an aged Italian appearance. Beautiful, weathered dirty concrete grey is available for you strange sense under the Eleganza Varese Cenere, Eleganza Varese Grigio and Eleganza Varese Grafite. All of them are available under different sizes and are equally unbecoming.

Perhaps there is a certain kind of charm in a house or business area where the walls look dilapidated and the floors carry that old concrete vintage look. We would love to see ceilings which seem like they are peeling off and wallpapers which may look like Aunt Mavis had a creative seizure to redecorate the house after Uncle Bill died. This crazy vintage look might be exactly the kind of style that might suit those contemporary artists who think Andy Warhol is the bomb. If you are a musician then you know the kind of look we are talking about.

The Eleganza Varese collection is a creationist dream and a fodder for a mind that is deranged. Use all of your spare time to come with design ideas and go through rummage sales to find that old furniture befitting the kind of look these porcelain tile can create.