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Eleganza Tile Vetro Solids

Eleganza Tile Vetro Solids

Bring on the drama and intensity inside your home if you’re not having it already with the Eleganza Tile Vetro Solids. Who said glass tiles have to be just plain and boring when they can come such fantastic colors and sizes under this particular collection.

For a really great look in your rustic style home which also needs to have a rustic style bathroom, you can use the Eleganza Vetro Winter Taupe in all its charming beauty, Great big ornamented mirrors will go well paired with beautiful brown basins and water closets with these glass tiles.

For a pure, polished look instead, choose the Eleganza Vetro Snow White and pretend you are constantly sitting inside an igloo like environment when you are inde your washrooms. The Eleganza Vetro Midnight Grey on the hand will give the upper hand in class and would be great for offices and spaces which see clients and customers of the highest calibre. Go ahead and charm the pants off them with these glass tiles.

Blue doesn’t have to be boring at all or strange with the Eleganza Vetro Crystal Blue. Think about a clear sky with beautiful fluffy clouds and great impressive white silk curtains that will go together with these tiles in a wonderful room. Chrome and shiny steel inspired furniture, shelves and cabinets will be suited with this design’s look. Glass windows and doors will fall in perfectly too.

For that extra warmth, you can choose the Eleganza Vetro Warm Beige where wood and cane inspired furniture and decorations calmly sit together on this glossy finish. These tiles which are made of premium glass is cleverly executed by giving it’s a modern edge where industrial or urban settings will benefit greatly from it. Together with its subtle textural effect, the unique large format sizes are available in 2x12 and 3x6 inches giving it a modern dramatic statement that you will love.