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Eleganza Tile Vogue

Eleganza Tile’s Vogue Style and Fashion

Beat Madonna at her own game by buying and installing the Vogue porcelain tile collection from Eleganza Tile! Everyone has a right to create their own vogue style in their home and not some old time yesteryear celebrity who made vogue, indeed very vogue. Now, it is your turn to have some vogue and fashion in your lifestyle too and you don’t even have to be a celebrity to do that!


In fact, now that you have decided on the Vogue from Eleganza Tile as the new concept in your home, you will probably have a celeb status yourself among family and friends. Feast your eyes on Vogue Anthracite, Vogue Bianco, Vogue Tobacco and Vogue Tortora in 8x48”. All these porcelain tile’s stylish designs can be installed as the main star of your living room, kitchen, master bedroom and other areas or the complement to the special furniture you may have chosen.


If you have an idea for contemporary kitchen designs, think along the lines of it being unique and vibrant. Color mixing and contrasts is a big winner when it come to ultra modern styles which could be deemed futuristic. Black and white decorating colors look interesting with such creativity as including lilac splashes as uncommon style details. You may opt to have the Vogue Anthracite and Vogue Bianco laid in together and have others little things painted in lilac or dark purple colors.


This modern kitchen design is an artistic blend of tips inspired by conventional properties, modern kitchen design and style ideas, which have a universal appeal. Black and white decorating utilized white and anthracite colour tones, combined with purple color shades, like lilac and antique amethyst too. You can think about this modern kitchen design coming in two components: working zone for preparing food and dining region with a bar table. Tough and robust material, revolutionary options and functionality make this contemporary kitchen attractive and practical.