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Emser Tile Alchemy

Emser Alchemy Porcelain

Emser Alchemy Porcelain incorporates the urban beauty of patina with performance of porcelain

Ever the jet-setter, Ms. F. Ninja was waiting at Tile International Airport at the Emser Terminal when she saw her new arrival: Emser Alchemy Glazed Porcelain was his name and atmosphere was his game! This tile was a dark beauty who's metallic patina and urban good-looks made her want to light up an e-cigarette. Clearly, he knew his way around the big city, and if he played his cards right, he'd install himself up her entry way and right into the walls of her heart.

Sure, this gumshoe flooring specialist was a cool character. Never lost her head in business. Some said that she had grout running in her veins. But, after all, even the Floor Ninja is a dame with stylish wants and decorative needs! She needed to get her flooring layed like nobody's business, and fast!

So she took him home. It turns out Emser Alchemy Glazed Porcelain paired nicely with a Vodka martini and her leather couch.... And so did his twin brother! That's right. It was a regular family reunion in the Ninja household that night with two tiles, one in Copper, the other in Silver, both awash in gritty patina of oxidized metallic luster. She mounted these porcelain princes all over her place; on the walls and the floors, inside and outside. Their substantial color variations suited every mood and every room, even in the office. Their freeze resistant nature meant they were practically impervious to her chilly moods and those icy nights when others would have shattered at the touch of her cold shoulder.

Isn't it time you brought a little dark magic into your home? With Emser Alchemy Glazed Porcelain you, too, can know the pleasures of porcelain tiles in cool iron hues and warm mineral tones with their rugged good looks and stained striations. Go ahead and make your own little film noir!