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Emser Tile Ambiance Porcelain

Emser Tile Ambiance Porcelain

Emser Ambiance lets you choose the mood

All the ambiance you ever needed to have in your living, working and playing spaces is here in Emser Ambiance porcelain tile collection. These heart wrenchingly beautiful porcelain tiles come in five different colours, thickness of 3/8”, in mosaic form and also in 12x24’ sizes. So many different ways to play around with this offering that you will have your hands full for many days.

Create enduring ambiance in your living room, bedrooms, children’s room and other equally important areas with the Ambiance collection from Emser Tile. The Ambiance Maldives’ designer lining and chocolate spectrum is a suitable addition for a simple living room. A simple living room according to a very modern designer, has all the basics but the basics have their functionality too.

Your ambiance can be a reflection of your inner peace, where colors are subdued and muted. Lighting is a very important factor in this peaceful setting and harsh tones should be avoided. The Fiji and Galapagos porcelain designs under the Emser Ambiance are also a great mood enhancer. The light beige colours bordering on some yellows and almost pinks can be a suitable match for paper lantern stand lights, long vases with faux pussy willows in the corner and Japanese kanji framed on the walls.

Your furniture can also follow the low laying Oriental style designs. Mats, cushions and low tables for dining following Japanese traditional styles will denote simplicity with no compromise for style. Try not having gaudy depictions of the sakura but instead have them as carvings on ornamental lacquer boxes.

Ambiance’s Shore Linear Blend mosaic is something you can use as enhancements in your kitchen where cabinets may look like they have been lacquered. Or use the Ambiance Coast Linear mosaics instead at your dining area with soft, yellow lighting reflecting off them in all the right places. Ambiance’s ash colored Cayman is what you might need to decorate the walls and floors out on the patio, where even the winter is not going to wane their pretty looks.