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Emser Tile Bombay Porcelain

Emser Bombay Porcelain

With the Bombay collection from Emser, you can experience all the wonder and mystery of the Indian Subcontinent without the mystery and wonder of the Delhi Belly. This vivacious slate-inspired porcelain tile makes a bold style statement in any room in the home. Bombay tile looks opulent and regal, with rich marbling and swathes of color that make each tile unique. You can safely say that the how the colors are placed on the tile makes them look sorta 3D. It is obvious the intricate design skills that went into forming such a work of art.

The rich coloring in the Emser Tile’s Bombay collection corresponds with the fact that Bombay is the richest city in India. Just having this type of tile in the house will inspire you to dream big and accomplish big. If you are satisfied dreaming and accomplishing mediocrity, at least Bombay tiles will make it seem as if you are dreaming and accomplishing big. Basically to cover up your lack of ambition. No one really likes to be around a deadbeat, so you can thank your tiles for helping you with your social life. Emser Tile Bombay collection has sensational shades that include Kalva, Salsette, Thane, and Vesai. Wet love Bombay tile in large living areas with pillowed furniture and natural lighting. Pet tigers sold separately. Adding to the versatility of the collection, Bombay tile is available in 20"x20", 12"x24", 13"x13", 7"x7", 2"x 2" (mosaic on a 13"x13" mesh), 3"x13" (floor listello), and 3"x3" (floor listello corner ) sizes.