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Emser Tile Charm Pebble & Mosaic

Emser Charm Pebble & Mosaic

If you’re missing charm in your life, then get it back again by choosing Emser Tile Charm glass and pebble mosaic tiles as your lucky charm! And why not because charming is all you see when you peruse what is offered under this collection. The Emser Charm glass mosaic collection will bring you back to the sexy seventies in no time at all.

So many different nostalgic looking glass mosaics are available under this collection that you will have no problems galloping back to the times when black and white photos were the bomb! Remember your mom’s shiny, disco dress that she loves to wear to parties just to annoy your dad? Emser Charm Glass Accessory mosaic tiles emulates that so perfectly that you would be disco dancing in your home everyday. Something a little closer to the same look but with whites in it to give the extra polish is the Emser Charm Glass Amulet mosaic tiles.

Hey, how about that safari leopard like look that your grandma loves? Roar as you marvel at the beauty of Emser Charm Glass Memento or Trinket and think about having them on your walls where couches with animal skin print wants to hobnob with it.

Go for a less subtle, garish more for your living walls with Emser Charm Glass Magnet tiles or for a juxtaposition look, the Emser Charm Glass keepsake in darker grey. You really want to have exotic working area, then you must pick the Emser Charm Glass Talisman which has two distinctive shades of cream and dark browns in them.

With some of the most beautiful tones set in this mosaic collection, the creamy pinkish hue married to chocolaty light brown is the Emser Charm Glass Magnet tiles. This one is so eye catching that you have to at least have one room where the walls are purposefully decorated with this.