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Emser Tile Citadel Porcelain

Emser Tile Citadel Porcelain

Inspire your kids to spend more time in their rooms studying by creating cool areas with cool like Emser Tile’s Citadel glazed porcelain tiles. We mean “cool” as in the slang term for trendy as well as for the colors as well. Cool colors suitable for cool kids, cool parents and a cool environment for a study room are all the perfect blends for cool scores on test papers be it high school or college. What with the way the economy is, it’s no wonder more young adults are opting to stay with mom and pop’s while going to a nearby higher education institution.

So let’s help our young adults to study harder and better by giving them a good place to focus on their education (so they can leave as soon as possible). Emser Tile’s Citadel collection might just be the thing to inspire your offspring in ways that you couldn’t. Some of the groovy colors which we know teenagers will love, especially the ones who are inclining towards goth and death metal are included in this collection.

Citadel’s Olive and Black porcelain tiles under the Emser Tile is so goth and happening, that even you would want to hang out in the study room. In fact, why not just do that as your study room can also be the office where you can keep all your important documents. Long desks with wall mounted shelves for book are a great idea. The desks can be set and installed against the wall too and why not even make a little area where there are couches and reading chairs.

Citadel also has Ivory and Beige under its collection, which has softer colors, great for studies which has younger occupants. In case your study room is going to be occupied by your younger children, these two paired with bright shelving, chairs and even some animation motives would do the trick to hold them inside for a long time while you go on about your own business. The one thing you don’t want to do is to put a tv in there, which beats the whole purpose.

Citadel also offer Brown and Grey, again another neutral choice under the spectrum for a study room. But the great things about these two colors is that your cabinetry can either be bright or dark or a mix of both. Blonde colored wood furniture and shelving will probably suit these tiles well. Be cool and make studying a cool in a cool room.