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Emser Tile Cosmopolitan Porcelain

Emser Cosmopolitan

Top quality design in Emser Cosmopolitan collection

Emser Cosmopolitan glazed porcelain illustrates the true meaning of the word cosmopolitan. The word can mean many different things but mainly, something that is composed of elements from all parts of the world. This is the inspiration behind the Cosmopolitan porcelain tile. I know, cosmopolitan or cosmo for short, is also the name of an alcoholic beverage. I would focus on that since that sounds like a good drink to have right now. But seriously, I have to touch on the world-class feeling that this tile would bring to your living or dining room. Most people don’t get the opportunity to be able to travel the world. So let your floor tile tell the story for you. The Emser Cosmopolitan collection is available in Matte finish and Mosaic blend, in sizes 13” x 13”, 18” x 18”, and 12” x 24”. Cosmopolitan tile is so versatile ( That rhymes! Yeah, I’m an undercover rapper) that it comes in six different colors. They are Charcoal, Crystal, Steel, Timber, Earth and Mineral. So unique and fashionable it will definitely create the world-class feel. The price of the tile creates a lot of savings, from the actual tile and then the fact that now you won’t have to travel the world to feel world class. So if we should calculate traveling costs, you really really save by installing the Emser Tile’s Cosmopolitan collection in your home. Remember, world class feel for savings that equate to unbelievable!! Trust me on this, it is worth every penny!