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Emser Tile Country Porcelain

Emser Country Porcelain

Forget the cowboy hat. Today, “goin’ country” is all about glazed porcelain. Emser Country tile rides in on one of the hottest trends in the industry: wood look tile. This premium glazed porcelain tile perfectly replicates the look of natural hardwood. Of course, unlike hardwood, Emser Country tile is ultra durable, temperature resistant, highly-resistant to scuffs and abrasions and nearly impervious to liquid damage. Now that’s Country strong. Still thinking about actual wood floors? Let me break it down for you. If you get actual wood floors, you will spend most of the rest of your life trying to maintain them. Yes, I said it! It’s the truth though! Keep in mind that over time, no matter how much time you spend maintaining wood floors, the way the floor looks WILL change. Then you would have wasted years only to end up getting Emser Country tile installed anyway. Almost seems that it would be futile if you get actual wood floors (clears throat). So why go through all that when you can get the same wood look with all the features of porcelain now. Need I say more?! Country is available in four stunning colors, Francis, Hampton, Page, and York, each warm and inviting interpretations of a classic hardwood look that can be used for the home or business. For further versatility, Country tile is available in the following sizes: 4"x24", 6"x24", and 8"x24". Overall, if you’re in search of a rustic look that’ll outperform and outlast any old plank, Emser Country tile is the way to go. Yeehaw!