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Emser Tile Downtown

Emser Downtown

The Emser Downtown collection of glazed porcelain tiles features a fresh look of 6" x 35" plank sized field tiles with modern graphic designs on them, thanks to the use of HD printing technology! Downtown tiles are perfect for floors, walls, and can even used for counters in residential and light commercial spaces for a sophisticated look no matter where you live!

Even the most staunch suburbanite will be swayed to the big city stylings of Downtown when they see the six swank colorways this collection brings to your abode! Choose from the silver gray washed pallet of Broadway, the smoky wisps of Central, the caramel suede of Figueroa, the mink browns of Hill, the rich deep Italian Roast browns of Main, and the iconic ebony black of Vigil. The matte finish on each of these 7/16" thick tiles, allows for the amazing body color to come through, unobstructed, and will never cause glare when exposed to natural light sources.

Now you can live in style whether you live in a Chelsea flat, or just need to update the look of your Penthouse, with the medium shade variation of Downtown tiles. As Petula Clark said in her Pop hit song, "Downtown": When you're alone and life is making you lonely, You can always go - Downtown! When you've got worries all the noise and the hurry, Seems to help I know Downtown! So place yourself an order of happy and get yourself some of Emser's Downtown glazed porcelain tiles today!