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Emser Tile Europa Porcelain

Emser Europa Porcelain

Emser Europa is a shining gem of porcelain tile

Any big nerdy science fiction reader would have the image of a little round white moon circling around the planet Jupiter when they come across Emser Tile’s Europa name under the porcelain tile collection. Yes, that’s right Europa is one of the bigger sized moons revolving around that huge planet together with a few hundred others.

Like the texture of that icy moon, the Emser Europa collection is a magnificent recreation of the sumptuous marble used in old world European antiquity style. Manufactured using the HD technology, this highly glossed, polished porcelain tile is alluring and comes in a five colour with three sizes.

Following the look of the above mentioned icy moon, Emser Europa Bianco porcelain tile emulates classic marble to perfection. Choose this for neutral looking style for homes with white walls but where the decoration idea is lovingly contrasting.

For tones of pink and browns where exotica is the main achievement, Emser Europa’s Café or the Emser Europa’s Chiara will be the perfect choice for the most intimate parts of your residential area. Or the most intimate parts of your commercial property and we won’t even bat an eyelid, if you get out meaning.

Grey marble stones present a look of their own in any setting and Emser Europa’s Grigio which has prominent veining and breakage like look, have a tendency to sit cosily on walls as much as floors. Next to your fireplace and your favorite photo of your children, these porcelain tiles have all the business of being there.

The beautiful wavy patterns inside the Emser Europa Noce porcelain tile will create a stirring in your pride that will not be rivalled by any other emulation of marble of porcelain. That, is a guarantee. Your guest entertaining area in your home or your office will thank you for being able to showcase such stunning beauty everyday.