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Emser Tile Flash

Emser Tile Flash

The Emser Flash series whizzes by in a sleek linear manner offering a beam of excitement. Leading its sleek shape on thin horizontal mosaics, this glittering collection uses mixed materials and finishes to achieve an eye-catching, contemporary look. An upgrade to the home either as an accent or backsplash, Emser Flash is sure to be an instant statement piece. An exclusive combination of glass and metal delivers added dimension while working to open up a space with its slender character. A perfect way to liven up a room, Flash offers options with metallic effect that brings a glamorous sparkle to these playful tiles.

Emser Flash presents eight various shades to custom your space with showcased on 12”x13” meshed back mosaics. Like a flash of epic style, Emser delivers ease of mind appeal that will forever be cherished. Instant glow with long lasting love, these tiles reflect your unique design personality that does all the entertaining for you. Luminous Linear is a dramatic shade options presenting variations of sleek midnight black. Drastically on the lighter side, Alaze Linear reveals a backdrop of chic light grays with pops of deep black inlaid tiles. Meeting in the middle, Burnished Linear is a more rustic alternative in shades of rugged browns with hints of copper reds.