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Emser Tile Genoa Porcelain

Emser Genoa Porcelain

From the rolling hills of the Italian countryside to the smooth surfaces of your living room floor, Emser Genoa porcelain tile adds timeless travertine style where it matters the most. This elegant travertine-inspired glazed porcelain tile collection is a perfect choice for homes with a traditional or rustic decor theme. The warm and inviting appearance of this earthy collection creates a stately sense of character in any room in the home. Emser Genoa brings the countryside to you. That whole feeling can be obtained with the installation of Genoa.

Your home should be a place of comfort and serenity, not a place you dread going. That’s the real reason you’re a workaholic isn’t it? It’s not really because you love you job! It’s because your home lacks that inviting comfort it should have. Don’t get me wrong, you like your job, but what you would like more is to have your home be a space where you can kick back and shake off the day. Thanks to Genoa, you can now stop hiding away at the office and go home to the relaxing sensation that this tile reveals. The classic colors include Albergo, Luca, Campetto, Marini, Panelli, and Sauli. We think Genoa tile is a great choice for homes with wicker furniture, or wooden cabinetry, but really, this collection is versatile enough for a variety of settings. Sizes include 7"x7", 13"x13", 16"x16", 20"x20", 2”x2” (mosaic on a 13”x13” mesh), 3" x 13” (floor listello), and 3” x 3” (floor listello corner).