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Emser Tile Heritage Ceramic

Emser Heritage Porcelain

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, that’s a fact no one is debating. But squeaky warped old planks, not so much. Luckily, Emser Heritage ceramic tile fuses all the warmth and beauty of a hardwood floor with the durability and performance that only ceramic tile can provide. Heritage tile is one of the hottest looks in flooring today. Why? Because it flawlessly duplicates plank hardwood flooring in a ceramic tile. Yes it is possible! Emser did it with this Heritage ceramic collection. No more arthritis pain caused from the repetitive motion of polishing your hardwood floors. This perfectly glazed ceramic is built for easy maintenance. Now you can have extra time on your hands to hang out on Facebook and twitter. Whether it is to spy on your kids or get your groove back like Stella, we all know you have been dying to get on those social media sites. However, the maintenance of those hardwood floors just seem to suck all your time up. It’s ok, now you can do all that with Heritage ceramic. It is full of character and charm thanks to advanced digital printing technologies that produce a wonderfully realistic wood look. Color tones reflect classic wood species such as Cherry, Golden Oak, Mahogany, and Walnut. Three versatile sizes, 4"x24", 6"x24", and 8"x24", further add to the authentic wood look. We think Heritage tile adds sophisticated style in the living room, and it makes kitchen messes much easier to clean. Rustic or refined, classic or contemporary, Heritage is sure to impress.