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Emser Tile Illumina Glass

Emser Tile Illumina Glass


‘Emser’ Tile managed to amaze the public once again when it presented the Emser Illumina range. The Emser Illumina series is an attempt to merge the natural beauty of stone with the transparent and brittle qualities of glass into a modern mosaic setting which can be appreciated and used by the general public. The Illumina series offers 6 varieties which are unique blends of different kinds of stones and glasses. The Illumina series was introduced by ‘Emser’ Tile to add magical elegance to your homes. The Illumina series is available in 6 vibrant colours, 1 standard size, 6 mosaics and a standard reference size of 5/16 inches.

The glass and stone blend is the perfect combination as the glass gives the transparency, unique texture and beautiful designs whereas the stone makes the blend strong, sturdy and durable. The unique visual statement that can be created by the use of these blends is amazing. The style statement is great and the product is long lasting. The ‘Emser’ Tile Illumina is a great option for backlashes and use in the bathrooms. The large varieties allow the customers to choose from the design they like the most. The varieties available are as follows:

1. Illumina flare: is a simple yet elegant pattern that is primarily whitish grey in colour. it resembles a brick pattern but the glass stone blend gives it properties that are appreciable.It is suitable for application in bathrooms and on the walls.

2. Illumina glow: the blend variety has a brownish tinge in addition to the off white colour. the brownish tinge gives it a unique look and the creamy white appearance is very attractive

3. Illumina halo:the halo variety is a darker version and is a mixture of grey and black colour while the underlying material is the same glass and stone mix. Halo is the perfect selection if you have a dark furniture collection which includes wood or brown colour furniture.

4. Illumina highlight: this variety is a mixture of the colours cream and brown thus giving it a coffee and chocolate like colour. it is very suitable for people who would love to give their home a coffee like look.

5. Illumina luster: it is a unique combination of grey colour fused with the colour of marble. It looks very sturdy and is a perfect choice for people who like the look of natural stone.

6. Illumina Shimmer: it is a darker variant of luster and fuses the black colour with the marble colour. It is a suitable choice for people who like dark coloured furniture, flooring or walls.