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Emser Tile Melbourne Ceramic

Emser Tile Melbourne Ceramic

If you have never been to the smallest continent in the world, you can now with Emser Tile’s Melbourne. You would be right in thinking we are indeed referring to Australia, which looks more like a continent by itself than just a country with so many diverse geographical regions all packed under one roof.

The kind of inspiration you can work on by picking Australia as your theme is just manifold. Australia is well known for it incredibly beautiful beaches with a wide

array of flora and fauna, to its deadly wildlife in the tropical area to the desert mining towns with equally deadly human wildlife.

There is nothing not to like about Australia and one of her greatest assets are her very jovial and fun citizens. If there is a party somewhere, you can always find some Australians there. True to this thought, there is certainly a party going on with Emser Tile’s Melbourne ceramic tile collection. There are four different colors and four different sizes available under this collection together with mosaic blends.

Melbourne itself is a great theme to work with Emser Tile’s Melbourne collection because of diverse geographical regions that contains in itself. You can be inspired by the mountaneous peaks of Otway Ranges national park to the beaches Altona and Williamstown. Melbourne’s Wyndham and Melton would be the kind of tiles you would need living near the said mountain ranges where the climate can cooler with snowfalls. Melbourne’s Knox and Bayside on the other hand is the warm, beige tones you need for the extreme heat you may experience around the bay areas.

Whichever the case, you would need a barbeque pit and a big fridge to stash all your beers in come winter or summer and all the in between seasons which unfortunately can happen all in one day in Melbourne.