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Emser Tile Museo Porcelain

Emser Tile Museo Porcelain


The Emser Museo is a name that has become synonymous with excellent quality and affordable price. ‘Emser’ Tile utilises the most recent technological advancements in the industry to bring forth the best quality of glazed porcelain. The Emser Museo utilises high definition technology to present the public with the beauty of Italian white marble in porcelain that is glazed. The natural beauty of the Italian marble is unparallel in the present range of stones and the texture is amazing. The Emser Museo is available in a varied range of sizes. The sizes include: 12 inch by 12 inch, 18 inch by 18 inch, 16 inch by 24 inch and 18 inch by 36 inch. The ‘Emser’ Tile Museo has emerged as the leading choice by most people who wish to give their home interiors a great make over or are building their new houses. The glazed body match porcelain allows for a much wider range of design, styles, colours and textures. The glazed porcelain tiles will give a very appealing look to your bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The glazing gives the porcelain a glossier look and thus increases the life of the porcelain as it does not look old anytime soon. The glazing further prevents stains and splashes the water back. It is also much easier to clean than the unglazed variety.

The Emser Museo is available in a magnificent variety called Statuario. It is available in the above mentioned 4 sizes and the standard thickness is 3/8 inches. It is abrasion and chemical resistant. The water absorption is very less and has a high breaking strength. The Emser Museo is available in a variety called Statuario. The Statuario has a greyish pattern on the otherwise white glazed body match porcelain and looks very elegant. The Statuario is most suitable for use if you have lighter furniture or the walls have light colour paint. The Statuario is most suited for a calm surrounding and you will definitely love it if you are a simple person who loves soft and elegant porcelain tiles. The colour appears very pleasant to the eyes and the use is not limited to the walls. ‘Emser’ Tile Museo can also be used on the floor and the glazing gives it a long life and the high density makes it resistant enough to last for a long time. Thus if you are looking to make your home look elegant and have a desire to completely transform your interiors, then Emser Museo is the way to go!