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Emser Tile Odyssey Ceramic

Emser Odyssey Ceramic

Find your way home with Emser Odyssey Tile. This epic glazed ceramic collection is full of intrigue, action, danger and delight. Well, maybe not danger, but the earthy look is definitely delightful. Cruise past Charybdis on your way to the kitchen. Slide by Scylla as you scoot down the hall. With Odyssey tile firmly in place, a quick jaunt from room to room can become a voyage from isle to enchanting isle. The Odyssey is reminiscent of many enchanting tales. Just don’t too caught-up in it like that one time at band camp. Sorry, had an American Pie flashback! Has nothing to do with the Emser’s beautiful Odyssey collection but you know how your mind just jumps from one thing to another. Or does that only happen to me? I was thinking Odyssey but somehow drifted to American Pie! I guess that’s how it goes in enchanted places. Having Odyssey tile in your home can take you on many journeys to enchanted places. Well, maybe you have to have a crazy warped mind like mine to travel to those places, but it’s certainly worth a try. (Awkward silence with crickets chirping) Alrighty then! So...........Odyssey’s rich and versatile color shades include Beige, Cafe, Oro, and Noce. A variety of sizes such as 13"x13", 20"x20", 2"x13" (floor listello), and 2"x2" (floor listello corner) accommodate nearly any space. We think Odyssey is a fabulous choice for classic kitchens, traditional living areas, and dining areas where greedy suitors await impending demise. All around, Emser Odyssey tile is a timeless and crafty collection.