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Emser Tile Origin

Emser Origin

Emser's Origin collection of glazed ceramic tiles will be the beginning of all that is beautiful in your home! This stone inspired look brings an eternal elegance to your kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and anywhere you want a tasteful touch of nature. It's way better than sprinkling dirt on your carpet! And if there's one thing we learned from the do-it-yourself spa issue of Affluent Hippie Quarterly, it's spend your capitalist earned money and go to the Calistoga mud bath and hot springs, but do NOT mix mulch with sparkling water in the bathtub! But it was the 80's... What did we know? Back then, we thought that day-glow thong cut leotard bottoms worn on the outside of contrasting colored tights made our butts look attractive! It does - if you are a cat in heat! Studies have shown that those Jazzercize fashions caused more weight loss from nausea induced vomiting than Jane Fonda's workout tapes ever did!

Anyway... Where were we? That's right. Emser Origin ceramic tiles can be easily integrated into floor, wall and counter top interior designs, and work as well in the home as they do in light commercial settings. Choose from Basis, Cause, Essence and Source. No those aren't just liberal publications found in the organic food store's check out line, or the names of home schooled children's playmates, that's also the names of the four fabulous color pallets available in the Origin tile collection! Large 18" x 18" and medium 13" x 13" field tiles make it easy to install your new look quickly, and 2" x 2" mosaics are available in either Forrest or Mountain color blends, with 3" x 13" trim pieces to finish your look.

So go ahead and place your order for Emser Origin tiles today. EcoMoso's helpful staff will have you on your way so you can still catch Terry Gross on NPR and finish making your home made butternut squash soup from organic, free range, heirloom gourds that you bartered in exchange for your homespun hemp soycheese cloth. Namaste.