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Emser Tile Perspective Porcelain

Emser Perspective Porcelain

Emser Tile Perspective is a glazed porcelain tile that boast a beautiful linear graphic design. Let me just explain a bit about this collection. Perspective falls in the category of a contemporary tile that has a very sheek and classy appearance. It is recommended for light commercial or residential settings. Perspective is available in an array of six colors, Beige, Black, Brown, Gray, Taupe and White. That’s not all, Perspective is available in plank and square sizing. That is 4” x 24”, 6” x 24”, 12” x 24”, 12” x 12”. So let’s put things in perspective here. Get it………perspective!! Ok, that was a bit corny, but on a serious note, the perspective collection will give your home that fashionable look you have been looking for all your life. I know it’s a bit harsh to say that all your life you have been behind the fashion curve. But it’s the truth, sometimes the truth is harsh. You wear polka dots out of season, bright colors in winter, and too many accessories. Need I say more? This is why the Perspective collection is a necessary asset. The durability of the porcelain adds value to the tile for a reasonable price. The sizes makes the style options even more unique and fashion forward. Especially since there is a plank size and the fact that Perspective is available in white. I could go on and on but the fact will still remain that you need Emser Perspective collection in your home today. Now make it happen!