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Emser Tile Pietre del Nord Porcelain

Emser Pietre del Nord Double-Loaded Porcelain

Bada-boom, bada-bam! That was awesome, right? Of course it was because things are always better in pairs. Just take a minute and really think about it: what would the world be like without jelly for your peanut butter? What would Stimpy be without his Ren? And what would Paris be without her Valtrex? Eek! Face it, things are typically tastier, more entertaining, and only as gift-giving as they should be when they’re paired with something that boosts them to optimal awesomeness. Now, being all too familiar with this phenomenon, Emser has worked their proverbial pair of hands to the bone in a huge effort to master the fine art of double-loading their Pietre del Nord porcelain tile collection. So, ladies and gentlemen, please allow is to be the first to tell you that this collection has fully managed to knock a full set of socks right off of us (that’s two socks total!), and we’re positive it will do the same for you.

So, then, how doooo they do it!?! Well, simply put, the process of double-loading a porcelain tile starts by using the same single loading process that is used to make all of those lonely uno-loaded tiles. Then, once the first layer has been fired, a second loading is applied, and both layers are fired together. In turn, this creates a series of tiles that have a limitless amount of variations. The end result? Well, let’s just say that this is a type of sexy that is guaranteed to double your pleasure and your fun. Yummo.

So, there you have it. Pietre del Nord. It’s cooler than a bee’s knees. And, as always, there’s more! Emser has created this collection with four delightfully elegant colors, which range from Alaska, a creamy and light beige, to Vermont, a chic and sophisticated gray, and all four options can be found in both matte and polished varieties. Additionally, Pietre del Nord comes with a choice of fours sizes, which means that end users can be as creative as their little heart’s desire. To us, this is baller. Wait, no. It’s double baller.