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Emser Tile Strands Porcelain

Emser Tile Strands Porcelain

Make Emser Strands line up just right for you

Emser Strands collection takes ultra-contemporary tile design to thrilling new heights. This hip and trendy through-body porcelain offers an attractive blend of two hot looks: pressed-fabric and strand-woven bamboo. While Strands tile isn’t a direct reproduction of either style, it blends the most appealing qualities of both into one totally sophisticated and stylish modern design. The pronounced horizontal lines give a sense of directionality and contrast. This tile will have your teenagers looking at you differently. They will now start to see that you do have a little sense of style. Try installing Strands with the lines in a single direction, or set each tile perpendicular for a stunning contrast. Either way, the look that Strands portrays is very modernistic and will cause people to start rating your style. I can’t say that Strands can cause people to forget your past attempts at style, but they will now focus on this wonderful installation of style that Strands brings to your home. Style isn’t the only thing Strands offers, it offers the long lasting strength of porcelain which makes it a must have. Strands colors include Biscuit, Chestnut, Olive, Oyster, Pearl, and Twilight. In addition, the collection is available in 2"x12", 12"x24", and 24"x24" sizes, as well as a wide variety of mosaic blends and smartly selected trim pieces. So win your teenagers over with Emser Tile’s Strands porcelain and finally claim your props as a stylish parent. In these days, stylish and parent don’t really go together. So you become one of a kind with Strands. Enjoy!