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Emser Tile Style Porcelain

Emser Tile Style Porcelain

The style icon in you would be non the less wiser to choose the Emser Tile’s Style porcelain collection just because it is so stylishly white. The color white is the most neutral of colors in the color palette and its versatility comes from having the ability to stand on its own or to be blended with other hues.

Many people either choose white because of the recent stated above or purely because it reminds them of cleanliness. Under the Emser Style porcelain tile collection, we offer two different finishing. They are the Emser Style Pure White Polishes and the Pure White Matte. You want white with shines and lights, the Pure White Polished is your buddy. Opposite of that is the Pure White Matte.

You can think about installing the Emser Style as the only company to your furniture, kitchen cabinets and curtains or you can think about mixing them with another tile with different color and texture. These can go as your backsplashes and wall decoration.

Sensitive to scratches, the Emser Style porcelain tiles are recommended to be used in residential area for walls only. They come in many different sizes so it would be a difficult to come with easily installable decorative plans. White can be matched in such variety of ways that you may let your hair down and let your artistic instincts to run wild.

Emser Style porcelain tiles do come in mosaic pieces so think about all the different designs you can play around with when you match them with other mosaic colors. Choose bold colors for your drapery like reds and purples as these will bloom like flowers in a field of snow with Emser Syle background.

Contrasting kitchen cabinets in dark mahogany or black wood fitted with chrome handles would certainly not look out of place with the Emser Style background too. There is so much room for creativity with this porcelain tile collection that it would be a shame if you don’t try.