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Emser Tile Unique Glass

Emser Tile Unique Glass

Emser Unique Glass Tiles: When Nothing but the Best would do

‘Emser’ Tile is a name to reckon with in the world of ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble, and other natural stone. The company has been introducing mesmerizing new flooring products one after the other since 1968 when it was founded. ‘Emser’ Tile has been a pioneer in making mosaic tiles that are a blend of glass and tile. These mosaic tiles can transform the look of the wall or the floor inside your kitchen or bathroom. No wonder you have to shell out a decent amount on money on this makeover, but you have to see the mesmerizing look of the walls and the floors that are created using Unique Glass, a patented name that the company uses for its glass and stone blend mosaics.

You can add a contemporary touch of class and elegance in your interiors with the help of ‘Unique’ tiles that are a wonderful fusion of stone and glass produced by ‘Emser’ Tile. This unique and innovative combination adds not just aesthetic appeal but also a sense of depth that is enough to allure the visitors to your house. One of the best uses of this combination of tile and glass is seen in the backsplash design inside the kitchen. There are many colors and designs available in this Unique mosaic blend to allow the customers to choose according to their taste and requirement. These color variations are named differently as following.

Emser Unique Glass Ballad

Ballad is a mosaic of glass and stone that is available in different shapes and sizes though one of the most popular size among homeowners is 1’X1’. V1, V2, V3, and V4 are the color variations available under Ballad to the customers. While V1 gives illusion of minimal variation across the spectrum, one can see a substantial color variation in V4.

Emser Unique Glass Epic

This is another design available under the label of Unique. It makes use of white, black, and grey colors to create inspiring designs over the floor and the walls.

Emser Unique Glass Haiku

Haiku is a softer variant of Epic as it presents the same designs and pattern in subdued hues. The blacks are lighter and the greys have been replaced with brown in this design pattern.

Emser Unique Glass Lyric

This is a very popular design pattern under Unique mosaic blend that looks like a lyrical presentation to those who see the wall in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Emser Unique Glass Ode

Ode is somewhat similar to Epic though the dramatic effect of white is replaced by a lighter shade.

Emser Unique Glass Poem

If you want your kitchen wall to read like a poem, use this design called Poem with grey and black used more often than white.