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Emser Tile Vista

Emser Tile Vista

In the glass tile world, whenever there is talk about glitz and glam, it is incredibly hard not to deviate to thoughts of the infamous Emser Vista Glass tile collection. Definitely one of the very the glitziest tile collections in the industry (wait, is that even a word?!?! We don’t care-we love this tile!), this stunning collection of glass mosaic tiles is sure to knock your ninja socks right off of your ninja feet. All that being laid out on the table, Emser Vista Glass is perfect for adding a punch of classy and sophisticated, red carpet quality, style to whatever space is lucky enough to be infused with it. Speaking of infusions, this collection is perfect for counters and walls, both indoors and out! So, feel free to add splashes of sparkle, color, and excitement to the outside of your house as well!

Available in eight gorgeous colors plus two magnificent blends, we are madly in love with Naccari because of its sunshine-esque quality, the sight of Balbi reminds us of a million sparkling diamonds, and the Caldo blend absolutely offers the most amazing “tiger eye” kind of coppery mix. All of these variations in color are available in classic one inch by one inch mosaic form, and each is guaranteed to bring spice and high class style into your life. In fact, this collection may just change your life, period; it certainly has ours. So why are you still reading? Shouldn’t you be tiling your home into a masterpiece already?