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Emser Tile Vogue Glass

Emser Tile Vogue Glass

Emser Vogue: Creating a Beautiful Combination of Gloss and Matte Finish

Inside your kitchen below the cabinets and above the countertop, there remains a small portion of wall that you can turn into a spectacular show for all your visitors. This is possible with a breathtaking series of tiles called Vogue by ‘Emser’ Tile, the leader in porcelain, marble, and tiles. These tiles are 2”X16” in size and available in many different hues. If you have such a space over the countertop, you can place these long tiles made by ‘Emser’ Tile to create a mesmerizing effect.

Before understanding the craze among the homeowners for these slim and long tiles that combine the effects of matte and gloss, it would be pertinent to note that these tiles are suitable for use for backspace on the walls of homes. They are not suitable for use in commercial applications with a lot of traffic. The complete range of these linear tiles will blow your mind with its different colors, textures, and designs. You can use these tiles not just inside your kitchen but also your bathroom to give it a mesmerizing effect. There is a huge variety of designs, textures, and colors of these Vogue tiles available from ‘Emser’ Tile to suit every requirements of the homeowner.

Dozens of varieties, colors, and textures to choose from:

If you are using Emser Vogue tiles on the back wall of your bathroom opposite the shower, it would be better to choose one with a smooth finish so that your bare back feels nice when you rest against this wall. The main varieties in which Emser Vogue is available are called Charm, Flash, Illumina, Imagine, Lucente Glass Blends, Lucente Stone Blends, Lucente, Unique, and Vista. There is also a Vogue Glass variety that is only available in plain colors on both gloss as well as matte finishes. In Vogue Glass alone, there are 6 colors and a single size on the same 3/8’’ thickness. As far as Vogue Charm is concerned, there are 11 mosaics to choose from in the thickness of 5/16’’. All mosaics are named differently and you have to f ace a tough decision as to which one to select while rejecting others.

Similarly, there are 10 different mosaics in the category called Vogue Flash that is available in 10 colors and 1 size and 5/16’’ thickness. Every single variety in Vogue collection has its unique characteristic and all of them are made using mixed materials to present an eye catching look.